About Me

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I'm a wife, a sister, a descendant, a cousin, a grand-daughter, a mother, a niece, ... and I'm Frank's Daughter. 

Born into the military life, our family moved a bit during our growing up years.  First we moved to the west coast, then back east, then to the west again, then east again, then finally west one more time.  If anyone knows military life, this was normal.  On our last trip west, my father retired from the Marine Corps and we settled down in San Diego County.  This was far away from any of our relatives.  My father's roots were in Massachusetts while my mother's roots were in Virginia.  I don't know if this was my "ah-ha" moment but...this may have been the motivating factor that put me on my genealogical path of family discovery.

I created this blog as is a place I can express my love of genealogy, the passion of researching family history, and provide a vent for the information and memorabilia that I find. It is also my desire to encourage others in their own research into this increasingly popular field of study, their own family history, and their local history. It is my hope that my postings inform, entertain, stimulate and inspire.