Our Tree

The Branches On Our Tree

GREEN = Family line for Frank’s Daughter
BLUE = Family line for Husband of Frank’s Daughter

ANDERSEN (Massachusetts; Canada; Norway)
BRAND (Ohio; New Jersey)
BRENNAR (England; possibly Scotland)
BREWSTER (Massachusetts; England)
CALL (Massachusetts)
CARSON (Virginia)
CHAPPLE (Massachusetts)
CLAYTON (Indiana; Iowa; Ohio; New Jersey; England)
COSBY (Virginia)
CRANDALL (West Virginia; Rhode Island)
DAVIS (Iowa; Indiana; Ohio; West Virginia; New Jersey; Rhode Island; Wales)
DINSMORE (Massachusetts)
DOTY (Iowa; Indiana)
ELDER (Indiana)
EMMERSON (Virginia)
FORD (Massachusetts; Nova Scotia)
FOSTER (Massachusetts)
GILMAN (Virginia)
GRAY (Massachusetts)
HOPKINS (Massachusetts; England)
JOHNSON/JOHANNSEN (Massachusetts; Canada; possibly Norway)
LANDER (California; Wisconsin; Maine)
MISKELL (Virginia)
MOREHEAD (Iowa; West Virginia)
MURPHEY (California; Colorado; Iowa; Ohio)
NEAR (Wisconsin; New York)
O'FLYNN/FLINN (West Virginia; possibly Ireland)
PARKER (California; Colorado; New York)
PRENCE (Massachusetts; England)
RICHARDSON (Massachusetts; Nova Scotia)
SNOW (Massachusetts; England)
SWANN (Virginia)
WALTON (Virginia)
WARD (Adopted by William & Hannah WARD; Nottingham, England; 1879)
WATSON (California; Wisconsin; New Hampshire; Vermont)
WING (Massachusetts)