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Mystery Monday - The Preston Cosby (Virginia) Connection?

There is a popular "assumption" that Preston Cosby is the father of Azgad Cosby (1800-1854, Gum Springs, Louisa, Virginia) and Anne Booker.  To my knowledge, this assumption has been based on the book, “My Wife’s Family,” by Noah H. Bradley.

p. 302 states the following:

Azgad Napoleon Bonaparte Cosby was the son of Anne Booker Cosby.
Anne Booker Cosby lived in the Louisa-Goochland County area of Virginia, where all the Cosbys living in the area were related. By the process of elimination, it seems possible that the husband of Anne and the father of Azgad was Preston Cosby (#111122416353). In 1829, evidently Anne was a widow, as she transferred by deed property to her son Azgad.

Also, page 270 lists Preston Cosby as :

#111122416353 Preston Cosby b cl777 (in Louisa Co 1797)
...the son of Peter Cosby (1754-1814 Louisa Co VA) a soldier in the Revolutionary War, who married Ann Eggleston.

While, I'm sure much of this book has valid data, the author used deductive reasoning to match a man called Preston as the father of Azgad Cosby; son of Ann Booker Cosby.  Unfortunately, the evidence is unclear of a Preston Cosby; in fact, I do not see a Preston at all in this area.  To complicate things further, public trees have gone rampant with this connection allowing this Cosby family line to erroneously trace back centuries earlier.

Did I miss something?

This is what I have, based upon a Virginia cousin’s research of the Cosby family:

Azgad COSBY, son of Mr. COSBY (no further details) and Anne BOOKER, was born in May 1800 in Louisa County, Virginia.  He died in May of 1854 in Gum Spring, Louisa, Virginia the age of 54, and was buried in the Cosby Graveyard of Gum Spring. 

Research has not produced a father for Azgad, however, evidence points to Anne Booker Cosby as Azgad's mother.

Anne Booker Cosby's first recorded purchase of land in Louisa County took place 20 February 1810, when she and Elizabeth Jackson Cosby purchased a parcel of about seventy-six acres.  Anne Cosby later sold her 56 1/2 acre parcel to her son Azgad for the consideration of one dollar: 

"Know all men by these presents that I, Anne B. Cosby of the County of Louisa for and in consideration of the care and affection which I bear of my son Azegad Cosby of the County of Louisa as well as for the further consideration of one dollar to me in hand paid by the said Azegad Cosby at or before the ….my seal this 31st day of July 1829."
[Signed] Anne B. Cosby
Proved and recorded 12 August 1830 Louisa County [S:271]

The transfer was also recorded in the Louisa County Minute Book:
"A deed of gift from Ann B. Cosby to Azegad Cosby was fully proved in the said office on the 12th day of April 1830 by William S. Walton the third witness thereto and admitted to record. [1826-1831:471]

Preston Cosby has been a mystery to me.  If anyone knows of a viable connection that links him as the father of Azgad Cosby, please let me know!

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