Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11 – Never Forget

Ten years ago today, the day started off normal.  I was still at home getting the kids ready for school and me ready for work.  My husband had already left with his car pool buddies and was in-route to his work.  My pace was a little faster than usual because I had to get to the office a little earlier than usual.  One of our customers was auditing our company so I had to be there early to get things ready.  The phone rang and it was my mother urging me to turn on the news.  I followed her plea and watched in disbelief as CNN showed a plane crash into the first tower of the New York World Trade Center.  

I listened as the reporters tried to explain what had just happened and what was happening.  "Apparently a plane has hit tower one and there is a massive hole about 15 stories down from the top.  There are papers flying all over the place and a tremendous amount of smoke streaming from the building."  Reporters asked, "What type of plane was it?"  "Was it a private plane or a commercial airline?"  "Is it possible that this was deliberate or was this just an accident?"

Still shaken, I took my kids to school and proceeded to work.  But, when I arrived at work I discovered that the events were still unfolding.  We tuned in to the large conference room TV and watched the pictures and videos that began to emerge.  Sirens, dust-covered crowds, horror, and mayhem; no one really understood what was going on and then...

The reporter said, "Wait, there’s another one!”  We just saw on live television as a second plane flew into the second tower of the World Trade Center!  Something is going on!  This was a jet!  It now became obvious that intentional attacks on our country were occurring.

Needless to say, productivity was down as we hung on to the horror of the events that unfolded before our eyes that day.  If I wasn’t participating in our company audit, I was glued to my computer screen, clicking update, replay, or refresh screen; with each minute I was fixated on what was happening.

 9/11 has been etched into my memory much the same way as the assassination John F. Kennedy, and the untimely death of my young brother-in-law.  Life has gone on, but these memories have become frozen in time.  I will never forget.  We will never forget. 

Have You Forgotten?

Have you forgotten... that on September 11th, 2001 the United States of America was attacked and over three thousand civilians were murdered?

How we vowed to never forget... the scores of brave men and women who lost their lives that morning in heroic efforts to save their fellow Americans?

How can we forget... our troops who are still on the front lines fighting a global war on terror to not only protect our freedoms, but the freedoms and human rights of others
around the world?

 And have we forgotten... that our enemy is devoted to a wicked belief system that still justifies the destruction of our culture and way of life?

On this day, Americans will pause once again to remember and to honor the fallen of that terrible day. We will offer our respects by uniting in remembrance of those whom we
vowed to never forget.

©2011 – Frank’s Daughter All Rights Reserved

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