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The Grafted Branch - the WARD, BARTON, and ABBOTT Families of Nottingham, England

The following information has been gleaned from old family letters from the adoptive family of Alexander Ernest Hope Ward, 18611, 18912 and 19013 census records of England, and deductive reasoning.  This list probably contains errors, but it’s a start at piecing together this grafted branch in our family tree.

If this resembles family members of a known tree, please make contact; there are several family letters from this family line that we would be happy to share.

First Generation
Robert WARD, born about 1825, in Birstall, Leicester, England1 married Ruth (Surname unknown), born about 1815, in Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England1
They had 4 children:
John WARD, born in 1851, in Stapleford, Nottingham, England1
Sarah WARD, born in 1854, in Stapleford, Nottingham, England1
William WARD, born in 1856, in Stapleford, Nottingham, England1
Mary WARD, born in 1860, in Stapleford, Nottingham, England1
The 1861 census listed Robert as a farmer of 47 acres, and he employed two laborers: Samuel Attenbro (*carter) and Mary Hayfield (dairy maid).
*A “Carter” (possible 19th century/or earlier term) is someone who drives a horse and cart, picking up and delivering goods around the area and on farms. Carters were much like the delivery drivers of today.

Second Generation
John WARD married Sarah (Surname Unknown)
They had (?) children

Sarah WARD married John (Surname Unknown)
They had (?) children

William WARD married Hannah (BARTON)
They adopted one child:
Alexander Earnest Hope

Mary WARD married John T. ABBOTT, who was born about 1857, in Nottingham, EnglandMary and John Abbott had at least six children:
Annie ABBOTT, born in1880, in Bashford, Nottingham, England2
Florence2 “Florrie” ABBOTT, born in 1887, in Nottingham, England3
Clara ABBOTT, born in 1890, in Nottingham, England3
John W. H. ABBOTT, born in 1892, in Nottingham, England3
Robert W. ABBOTT, born in 1898, in Nottingham, England3
Joseph E. ABBOTT, born in 1899, in Nottingham, England3
In the 1891 and the 1901 census, John Abbott was listed as a Police Constable2/Officer3.  In 1901, Florrie, who was 14 yrs. old, was employed as a **lace fennier and the family lived at 44Y.B. Avenue, 27 Hunger Hill Gardens. 3
** Nottingham's industrial heritage is founded on lace. Nottingham led the way pioneering the great lace making machines that took its production from the cottages to the factories. Its fascinating story is told at the Museum of Nottingham Lace. It is located in what was the hub of the world's 19th century lace industry an area still known today as the Lace Market.

Third Generation
Florence “Florrie” ABBOTT married Horace DANKS in 1910 at Upton Parish Church, in Southwell on Boxing Morning.

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  1. Anne Abbott was born in Basford not Bashford my name is Samuel ortzen Abbott in Nottingham the UK