Monday, July 18, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Letter from N.B. Cosby, 9 May 1863

"An Amanuensis is defined as a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another." 

Here is a letter written by my great, great, grandfather, Napoleon Bonaparte Cosby during the Civil War.  He is writing to his mother, Nancy Cosby, shortly after the battle at Chancellorsville and the day before General T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson died.  The transcription was provided courtesy of cousin C. Cosby.

Letter from N.B. Cosby, 9 May 1863

Guinea Station, May the 9th 1863

Dear Mam

i will write you a few lines this morning to let you here from me. i also am well at present hoping that when those few times come to hand they may find you all well. since I have last rote to you we have had a big fightin about ___ about fredricksburg. i have not herd about our loss. have been busy for 5 days carrying away our wounded. we captured about 9000 prisoners & took about 35 pieces of artillery after fighting & skirmishing 3 or 4 days we came back to our old Camp & camped [and will stay] a week or so until the yanks makes us treak some where else. there were too killed out of our company & several wounded, Daniel Childress & Frederick Singleton wer the too that wer killed. And isaac saunders today at guinea was very badly wounded in the head. he was going to Richmond. wee all so captured a quantity of guns i never saw so many in all my life i don't think. you must give my respects to all inquiring friends as i have nothing else to write. I will bring my letter to a close.

from your son. (signed a.n.b. Cosby)

Mrs. Nancy Cosby

P.S. tell the miss bowleses that George is well
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