Thursday, July 7, 2011

Treasure Chest Continues - The Last Letter from Marie

This is the final letter to be posted and transcribed in the series of letters by Marie Brennar to William and Hannah Ward of Nottingham on the adoption of her son, Alexander Ernest Hope.  

This last letter was not actually penned by Marie but it still relates to the adoption, and is, by far, the most puzzling…who the heck is Mr. Kid?

Adoption by Mr. Kid?, letter dated 6 May 1881 (or 1880)

[Side 1]
3 Milton Road
Herne Hill
6 May / 81 (or 80)

Dear Sir
            I had a letter from Mis Brennar the other day.  she is very anscious to hear about her child  she is also anscious that I should endeavour to get him adopted by a Mr Kid whom she almost agreed to  to let him have it before she left this
[Side 2]
country.  Please write and let me know all about the child as I will write to her in a few days
I am DearSir
   Yours faithfully
A M Latchie
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