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Treasure Chest Continues - The Marie Brennar Letters

This is a continuation of posted and transcribed letters by Marie Brennar to William and Hannah Ward of Nottingham on the adoption of her son, Alexander Ernest Hope.

Marie Brennar letter dated Monday 29th
[Side 1 – Right-side]
5 Princes St
                         Monday 29th
My own Dear Mrs. Ward and Mr. Ward
Many thanks for your kind letter and the enclosed letters.  I am indeed glad to think you consider me worthy of the friendship you express in your welcome letter.  I shall ever remember my visit and your peacefull home. 
[Side 2]
May God bless you and your Husband.  I am in Oxford ill and in bed.  I have not been out of bed since Fri 26th so am writing this in an awkward position.  Will you forgive me.  Dr. says I am to go back to London soon as possible as I must be amongst those I know and who know my constitution.  There is one thing my dear Mrs. Warde that makes me happy and that is my dear little Ernest is in the Home and Hearts of Christians where I know he is happy and listening to good and not evil.  Thanks be to God for making ye the instrument of his divine will (Preparing a soul) for His kingdom   Kiss baby for me   May God bless ye all   With love
                                                       Marie Brennar
[Side 1 – Left-side]
P.S.  If only will I have so mutch to do but I must write.
            Inclose anvelope with address if anny letters  pleas get Mr. Ward to send them.  I expect one but it may not come till Wednesday.  Remember me to Mrs. Mitchies and Mr. Mitchies
                                                     With fond love
                                                  God bless ye
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