Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Treasure Chest Continues - The Marie Brennar Letters

This is a continuation of posted and transcribed letters by Marie Brennar to William and Hannah Ward of Nottingham on the adoption of her son, Alexander Ernest Hope.

Marie’s trouble in Belfast, letter dated 10 April 1880

[Side 1-Right]
5 Regent Square

My Own Dear Sister
            Will you tell me how my Dear Child is and Iam not emproving  Iam wors then

[Side 2]
ever - Igot into some troble when I went to Belfast  that puts me quite out of my minde at times  Do think of me kindly   I know you will for Ye are Christians  You and Your Dear Husband May God spare him  toyou   Ihope Your Polly and ___ ___ are well  Accept my Love for all till Mrs and Mr Darru that I ask for them and Kiss Mrs Mehres and Baby for me  Give

[Side 1-Left]
my Love
            Oh Wont you Kiss my own Dear Child for me   May God watch over him is the prayer of his unhappy Mother
            Marie Brennar
            God bless Ye All
[Left Side-Vertical]
Pleas dont be angry with me ___ et  him  _and  I Keep thinking of him and Ye and wish it was Gods will that I ___  ___
            May Ye prosper in Grace and ___ is my prayers  pleas put my letter inside this anvelope   let it be addressed M Brennar enside and the inclosed anvelope address out side
_____ from
M Brennar

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  1. It is always interesting how they used to take advantage of every space, fully utilizing a single piece of paper.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. Yes, but very difficult for this reader to decifer! It was helpful having several letters from the same author to compare.
    Thanks for your comments!