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Treasure Chest Continues - The Marie Brennar Letters

This is a continuation of posted and transcribed letters by Marie Brennar to William and Hannah Ward of Nottingham on the adoption of her son, Alexander Ernest Hope.

The vertical writing on this one was a bit more challenging.

Marie Brennar letter dated November 19
[Page 1]
4 Mabeldon Place
My Dear Mrs Ward
            You must think me careless not answering you letter sooner.  But I have so mutch to think of that I don’t know what
I am about.  My own dear Baby has had such a cold and it quite up set me but I am happy to say he is mutch better.
            Inclose you a letter from baby’s nurse.  She tells me they love him as if he was there own.  I am sure you will
[P3 - Vertical]
be pleased with it  Will you tell me Mr. Ward if in getting him adopted am I ever to see him  and this is tearing my hart strings.  Could I see him and be allowed to kiss him at times.  Will you tell me what privileges you will allow me.  I am not very well but think it is troubles of minde and it is wrong for me to trouble for God is good but I cannot help it.
            Will you kindly forgive me asking you if baby’s adopted father is a Christian  I am afraid you will think me inquisitive asking and but it is not
from the Spirits of inquisitiveness.  Baby’s name in the registry is Alexander Ernest Hope - But you can perhaps have it changed  would you enquire of some one.  I forgot to say that baby must be vaccinated before the 29th fearing he would be late and that I should be punished so in that cace it would be 14 or 18 days before he could be removed.  He will then be out of danger.
            I am almost sure you can have his name changed when you adopt
[P5 - Vertical]
him.  Will you pleas let me here soon  I long for a letter from you and am sure I can trust my Dear Dear child with you  Thanks to you and Mrs. Ward.  
Believe me
                                                                 Yours truly
Pardon  Haste                                                 
M. Brennar

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