Saturday, July 2, 2011

Treasure Chest Continues - The Marie Brennar Letters

This is a continuation of posted and transcribed letters by Marie Brennar to William and Hannah Ward of Nottingham on the adoption of her son, Alexander Ernest Hope.

Marie Brennar letter dated befor 15 Dec 1879

My Dear Mrs Ward
           Will you thank Mr. Ward for me and accept the fondest love I can bare your self.  I feel I can be happy now to give up my fond fond Ernest.  It is for his good.  May God bless him and ye is my warmest prayer.  I will God willing on Monday 15 Dec.  But I will write you before then telling the train and how you will know me. 
With fond love till then again
Sincerely yours
Marie Brennar
[Right Side-Vertical]
P.S.  Isend an envelope addressed fearing you should wish to write it can be sent on to me
God bless
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