Saturday, July 2, 2011

Treasure Chest Continues - The Marie Brennar Letters

This is a continuation of posted and transcribed letters by Marie Brennar to William and Hannah Ward of Nottingham on the adoption of her son, Alexander Ernest Hope.
Marie Brennar letter dated 1 Dec
[P1-Right side]
59 Market Place
                     1 December 79
My Dear
       Mrs Ward
I will not keep baby one day longer than is well for him, Iam sure you will love him and be a good mother to him  Iam
[P1-Left side]
sorry I forgot toenclose the letter tis now enclosed and Iam sure you will be pleased to rede it  Would you kindly if posable finde yet the best and most spedy ride for me from London   Pleas send Mr Ward as I don’t know with what way to go
I am in Lester and will be for some days more so the address
 [P3 - Vertical]
 inclosed will do But pleas seal it with wax as it might get opened   They don’t know
            May God bless you for you kinde letter allowing me to see my fond lovely boy smile ____ Iam glad the name pleases you 
 Pleas send me a description of the way I should take
[P4 - Vertical]
with fond love
        M Brennar
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